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Providing Safe Water, Hygiene Education and Hope in East Africa.

Our Story

While working for the US Government in the 1990’s, Matt Peterson was surprised to witness people drink water from polluted green rivers where they were also washing their clothes in and feeding cattle from.  He later was made aware that polluted drinking water around the world was responsible for prematurely killing 3 million annually, most of them children. 

Ways To Get Involved

There are multiple ways to make a difference. You can Join One Tribe, sponsor a project, start a Fundraiser or purchase HH Gear. All profits from the Hydrating Humanity store help fund our operating cost and make an even greater impact.

One Tribe Monthly Subscription

ONE Tribe is a community of people giving monthly to sponsor safe clean water projects. 100% funds water projects, ongoing maintenance & hygiene education programs.


Your $25 provides safe clean drinking water for one person—for life!


Some give more, some less. Everything makes a difference.

Sponsor a Project

Sponsor a Project in East Africa and Change Lives
Projects start at only $500

Drilling Rig

Artist for Clean Water

For the last 17 years some the most popular artists , bands and Worship Leaders in the world have partnered with Hydrating Humanity in saving lives through providing safe clean water and hygiene medication in Africa.

Become A Business Partner

In addition to the altruistic motivation to help others, companies that participate in and offer charitable
contribution programs receive impactful benefits for their brand and their employees. Hydrating Humanity offers multiple ways to partner together.

Imagine Initiative

Did you know that you can host a fundraising event in your city with Imagine Initiative. Imagine thousands of school children, teachers and their families having access to clean, safe water for the first time ever! 

Young Girl Fundraising

Fundraise for Hydrating Humanity

Meet Salem, a 10 year-old creative entrepreneur who sells custom handmade earrings.  Salem donates $5 from every earring purchase and has raised over $2,400 toward her goal of funding a well in Africa.

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