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The Imagine Initiative is Hydrating Humanity’s effort to help every public school in the Trans Mara Region of Kenya get access to clean water.

Imagine hundreds of thousands of school children, teachers and their families having access to clean, safe water for the first time ever!

Of the first 79 schools surveyed in this area, only two have any water at all. That is about to change! We are excited to present this opportunity to make an impact together!

Each of the deep water wells needed for these schools will cost $12,000 and be drilled by our capable staff using our truck mounted drill rig. Your sponsorship of a school (whether in part or in full) will change the course of countless lives and leave a lasting legacy for years to come. 

Did you know that you can host a fundraising event in your city with Hydrating Humanity Imagine Initiative?

Contact Josh Young at to discuss the details.

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