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Drill Rig

Where We Work

From 2005 our focus has been in East Africa. Specifically, Kenya and Tanzania.

We daily serve over 500,000 people through 1,000+ fresh water wells, and have given Hygiene education to over 600,000 people.

Types of Wells


Drilled Wells

A well is drilled when the water table is not reachable by hand digging. A drill rig is brought in and used in this case. Drilled wells (sometimes called bore holes) are up to 600 ft in depth and often yield much more water than hand dug wells, but are also more costly to construct and maintain


Afridiv Hand Pump

Hand-dug wells are very effective in areas with a high water table within 60 feet of the earth’s surface. The opening takes 2-4 weeks to dig and the entire community usually participates in construction. We line our well shafts from the bottom up with solid concrete culverts to insure safe clean drinking water for decades to come.


Artesian Spring Well

Artesian spring wells safely collect and distribute ground water. They are possible when the water table is at or near the earth’s surface. Spring boxes are constructed using masonry components which include a stone and gravel filter system and a short pipe that extends outward delivering a steady and consistent flow of safe clean water.

What Makes Us Different?


We provide our well sponsors with GPS coordinates and photos of their water project as soon as it is completed.

Lifetime Warranty

We have a rigorous maintenance program in place to guarantee every pump we install remains in working order.

Water & Hygiene

Clean water alone is only 15% effective at eliminating waterborne disease. When we add Hygiene Training it is 75% effective.

Health & Hygiene

Clean water alone is only 15% effective at eliminating waterborne disease. When we add hygiene education that statistic rockets to 75%. That’s why we always do both!

Hygiene Curriculum Front Cover

The Jesus Film

Hydrating Humanity exists to demonstrate God's love for people. One way we share God's love is by showing the full length movie, The Jesus Film.


We have the capability of showing this impressive two hour movie in their

own language. This film tells the story of how much God loves them through the life, ransom and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Girls with water buckets on head

Business Partners

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